Inner Struggles

There can be so many things that can upset you. And it gets extremely difficult on certain days to keep up a smiling face through them. The cache lies in focusing on the many things that can cheer you up instead. If you are of the opinion that every day you are bound to wake... Continue Reading →



Upon drifting away to the mountains in the land of love once, two hearts wandered, with hands bound together. Now, shivers a stray, abandoned palm with no embrace by the beloved's hand- just no beloved in this now stranger land! So lonesome, it holds a metal pole instead, as if it were to collapse without... Continue Reading →

How I Get Ready To Face The World

It's morning now- time to get out of bed. I rush to the washroom, paranoid, But ah, how time stops still as I stare at the washroom mirror, before mom knocks at the door and accidently snaps me out of it. "Five minutes, Ammi", I excuse. After a session of drenching numbly in the metaphorical... Continue Reading →

The Girl With A Peace Tattoo

The person next to me has a mouthful of heartache that is sealed with silence. Her eyes are obscurely shy- Do they not want to be caught? Or perhaps, they’re afraid to, for she has hidden secrecies there, deemed irrelevant by the world. She is struggling to smile at me while I, struggle to look... Continue Reading →

Green Signal

We have been taught to wait for a green signal to drive forward, yeah. ... but so many of us have forgotten that this rule applies only when we're travelling on the roads, physical. Since when did we start needing a validation of another person before we take the next step on our timed lane... Continue Reading →

Is Life Actually Too Long?

Life is long, yet so short. One day, you're born. Next day, you're crying on the first day at school. Shifting from pencil to pen and paper planes to chits you find yourself crying again ... This time, at Grade 12 farewell. With just the blink of an eye, you see yourself clogging your hours... Continue Reading →

Kabhi Aana, Mere Saath

Kabhi aana mere saath, tum kuch waqt guzaarne. Masroofiyat bhula kar. Neendon ko sula kar. Kabhi aana, mere saath khushiyon ko pukaarne. Jaise hi sooraj ki kirne dhalne lagengi, aur aankhon mein khwahishen palne lagengi, Tum foran aa jaana, bejhijhak hokar- Warna humaari baaten yunhi talne lagengi. Kuch haqeeqaton se door Khwaabon ko nihaarne, Kabhi... Continue Reading →

Transient Homes

    He takes me to places that I always wanted to visit; creating memories on the way, then etched with a picture on Facebook or Instagram. But I am an abandoned house, that has been taught confinement too well. Seeing umpteen people coming and leaving, I still lose a part of my soul, every... Continue Reading →

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