Is Life Actually Too Long?

Life is long, yet so short. One day, you're born. Next day, you're crying on the first day at school. Shifting from pencil to pen and paper planes to chits you find yourself crying again ... This time, at Grade 12 farewell. With just the blink of an eye, you see yourself clogging your hours... Continue Reading →


Kabhi Aana, Mere Saath

Kabhi aana mere saath, tum kuch waqt guzaarne. Masroofiyat bhula kar. Neendon ko sula kar. Kabhi aana, mere saath khushiyon ko pukaarne. Jaise hi sooraj ki kirne dhalne lagengi, aur aankhon mein khwahishen palne lagengi, Tum foran aa jaana, bejhijhak hokar- Warna humaari baaten yunhi talne lagengi. Kuch haqeeqaton se door Khwaabon ko nihaarne, Kabhi... Continue Reading →

Transient Homes

    He takes me to places that I always wanted to visit; creating memories on the way, then etched with a picture on Facebook or Instagram. But I am an abandoned house, that has been taught confinement too well. Seeing umpteen people coming and leaving, I still lose a part of my soul, every... Continue Reading →

Returning Demons

My mornings are dreary, And my nights now sulk; My soul is again filled with the demons I defeated. I scream, I crib, I shudder with pain; But the world only finds me silently seated. Some hollowness I feel is finding its way inside; Am I losing track of life, and of all that was... Continue Reading →

Strange Coincidence

All I care about is your happiness, And all you care about is your happiness, too. I still convince myself every night, that this is a strange coincidence. -Shereen A. Mir (via Instagram and Facebook ) via Daily Prompt: Coincidence

Of Letters and Hope

I was looking for a letter, I searched it everywhere. One drawer remaining, "Ah! Must be here." As I checked that last drawer, I found my childhood toy case. And in it, I saw a tiny Hope with the same innocent face. That instant, I came to realize, How tricky life can be. Back then,... Continue Reading →

Coffee Vs. You

I've always been addicted to coffee, its flavors; I'd love how it made me high. But since the day I tasted you, I've been intoxicated for life, And I've never found coffee or anything else as addictive, as flavorful. - Shereen A. Mir ( for the Daily Prompt- Flavorful )

Like a Rose

The world asks you to be like the rose that spreads fragrance even to the hands that crush it. But they forget to tell you, the other part of the story; The very rose, calm and fragrant, also pricks the hand that tries to hurt it over and over. Because, sweetheart, if someone can choose... Continue Reading →

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