“Optimism” they call it

Over time, we grow… Not only physically but also mentally. Our wisdom expands, our knowledge diversifies.
Over time, I too have had my share of experiences. Out of all, I learnt a skill of making people feel good about anything and everything. Sugarcoated words, extravagant smiles, distractions to keep yourself occupied, and coaxing oneself into believing that all’s good.

“How predictable is life in its unpredictability, too often you are made to hope for things that are nowhere near reality.” -Shereen

“Optimism” they call it. At times, this does help. You tend to forget certain depressing memories for some time. But then again, how far does this “temporary selective amnesia” take you?

Later, when it strikes back, you feel even worse, only to realize that it struck with double force! Words and memories- these are some of the most powerful weapons that a person can use against you, and these have got drastic after-effects too. Remember that person who will not ever know how much you care? Then the person who betrayed your trust? Oh then was he/she who is just too busy to appreciate your efforts. Lord, how can I forget,  the person who apparently has a lot to answer but has left you midway out of whatever circumstances… and then came the person who just can’t see any good in you- All these people have the ability to use that weapon against you, while being least bothered. Infact going deep, it’s not only about people. Certain things too have the ability to get us ruined. A terrible day at work/home, your favourite something being lost at the last minute, your internet connection giving up, and just blue days. There is more to the list. For first instances, we might as well forget the matter. But when things go wrong one after the other, then there is little choice left.

“Problems come not as single spies, but in battalions”. –William Shakespeare

It hits right on spot, and *bam* you’re down.
Often we know where we may land, but we still keep our hopes high. We aren’t even certain about the next minute, but we plan in advance about years on. Reaching back to square one, how predictable is life in its unpredictability. Too often we are made to believe in things that are nowhere near reality. And yet again, “Optimism” they call it.

Bring It On, I’ve Got My Mask Ready!

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  1. yeah i am surprised & amazed how well these thoughts have been captured! very well written indeed…as if I am reading about my life experiences and feelings…..now going through all your blog posts…addicted!


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