Understanding Life

Life, as we know it, can be very unpredictable. We get things we don’t want and we want things which we don’t get. Yet, some rainbow moments come in when we least expect them. Times when you just look up and say “I know that was You”. The kind of happiness and satisfaction those moments give are priceless.

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Talking about moments, some of the most priceless moments we ever have are with our loved ones… The ones we consider the closest. The individuals who come under “My People” category…The most precious. It is they who truly make life worth living. You know it somewhere, you could do anything for them. It could be your close friends, your family, your special someone. Just a brink of frown on their faces and you wouldn’t leave any stone un-turned to get their smile back. It is some kind of bond between you and them, beyond words, beyond explanation. It is just there.
But, at times, the ‘un-explanability’ of these bonds creates misunderstandings, or rather misconceptions about these priceless bonds. Why is it, that one person is too often let down by the other? That, one is expected to take it all in patiently, while the other keeps repeating the mistake? That, one is left alone, begging to be understood, while the other assumes they know everything about them? That, one is desperately waiting to be given some attention while the other is far too busy in fulfilling other commitments. That, one is hurt time and again, while the other believes it can be okay by just a sorry every time?
Is it really okay? Does a sorry actually work all the time? Gets me thinking.

“Everybody we meet is going to hurt us. We just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”

We are all human. Agreed, with all the maturity and co-operation that is expected of us, we also expect to be loved, cared about, understood and most importantly, to be supported (emotionally). If our own people refuse to embrace us, how worse does it make us feel? Where else do we have to go? It is worse than our entire world crumbling down- Not even bit by bit but altogether.
But there is still something that keeps us going, be it those memories, be it those bonds, or be it those people. We somehow still manage to move on and continue. Maybe ‘coz we are afraid to lose them, or maybe ‘coz that’s all we have learnt about life- It Moves On.

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