Silence- The Loudest Scream

We all have those times when we are so low, so depressed, that we don’t even wish to speak. Not a single word. It’s all about silence. We find peace in silence, while having a storm inside us, waiting to come out. Some matters call for discussion with our loved ones, “it will make you feel light”, they claim. But is it really so? All the time? I doubt, I highly doubt. It is not always about revealing the reason behind your bad mood or sadness, it does not always make you feel light. Somewhere inside each one of us knows that nobody really can understand our situation or circumstances, except ourselves. We are the ones facing it, and often it gets beyond the capacity of words to explain or comprehend. Perhaps, we don’t always need a piece of advice or suggestion… All we really need is a listening ear … some love, some consoling. A little overdose of those two emotions for that particular time, and *bam* we feel so much better than before. Is it too tough to understand? For some people, maybe, just maybe.

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