The “Why”s… Unanswered

It begins with a pinch in the heart.. a skip in the beat..  a pleasurable blast inside.. a storm of emotions. You feel so excited, so happy, even confused a li’l, yet so overjoyed.. as if you earned something worthwhile finally.. something that you have long been craving for, which you deserve to have. Such happiness, as never felt before.
But time passed by, and the very individual who gave you reasons to feel bright out of the blue is now a reason behind your grim face. You are hurt, low, broken, so low.. so so low. You think of all the good times, and what hurts furthermore is the bitter realization that you aren’t having those good moments anymore.. you try terribly to overcome that pain, to let go, to not think…. But much to your emotional destruction, you fall back, back into pieces.


Why.. why is it, that good times seem far too short-timed than the bad ones?

Why is it that the people closest to you have the ability to hurt you the most (often with least realization)?

Why does the heartache only increase, even as time flies by?

Why do we fall so weak when it comes to certain individuals?

Why can’t we be least bothered about those people, just like how the people who caused those situations for us are?

If only there was a finite answer..


2 thoughts on “The “Why”s… Unanswered

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  1. beautifully captured emotional traumas! really, no finite answer to these “why’s”.. 😦 .. why do we have to spend the maximum time of our lives in memory of those few moments of happiness gone by ..


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