Positivity- More Than A Word

It is important to care for your people, for your loved ones. You may sacrifice quite a lot for their sake, which unfortunately may even go vaguely unnoticed. It is then, equally necessary to not bother yourself anymore with those. You feel low, you get upset, you feel sad, you are left disappointed and dejected… YET, even then, remember, you don’t have anybody but yourself. The key to your happiness must lie in your own hands. Don’t give control to someone else.

Never put your happiness in someone else’ hands, they’ll drop it… They’ll drop it everytime.

You need to let go, not ’cause they deserve forgiveness but ’cause you deserve peace. Just slip it out of your mind. Have faith, He up there knows your struggles. Some day those people who let you down repeatedly will themselves feel let down. Or whatever may be case, let’s leave that upto Him. Who deserves to be sad? That too for people who are too inconsiderate to even notice? Naah. Know, that there are still more people, or atleast one person who only wants to see you smile. They wish only the best for you. image YOU too should wish the best for yourself. Learn.. learn to pull yourself back together. It is hard, yes very. But it is better than letting a few more individuals to break you down. Always think of this- Whatever happens, happens for good.


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