Just Reader Things

” To her you were worth reading.

When it came to you, She didn’t want to unfairly judge you by your cover like some of the other women did before her.

She wanted to get to know you for you without someone else’s jaded opinion clouding her judgement.

She looked at you and saw a good story that no one else bothered to read deeply yet. And when she cracked open the first page and started reading the top layer of your soul, She couldn’t put you down. She became mesmerized.

You flooded her thoughts breaking down mental levee’s she had in place for years because, It’s almost taboo for a man to be able to make a woman “Climax” at the top of her temple like that anymore.

And she had gotten so used to only having the physical, That subconsciously she had forced her body to adjust to not having consistent mental stimulation from a man throughout her day.


…. But then she read you, And started falling even harder for you, Line upon line, Page after page and Chapter after Chapter…”

– woodtheinspiration


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