Patience- Virtue Or Vice?


“Be patient”

We have all heard this umpteen number of times from family, friends, teachers, social networks, tattoo artists, hair stylists.. almost every body, but in different context from each.

All in all, it brings to the same point-

Wait for some time, some thing good is bound to happen soon. Your patience will have the desired result.

Not everything goes the way we want, everytime. Life was never a bed of roses. Plus, having to wait for something good, is too heavy on us. It is never completely assured that the result of patience shall be exactly how we want it to be.

Yet, we hope.
We dream.
We look forward
To a bright beam

We coax ourselves
Into an uncertain belief.
Hoping for our lives
To turn over a new leaf

The sea is endless
In sight no shore.
“PATIENCE” my dear,
Have some more.


I admit, it’s tough.. it is really tough. It can drain the life out of a person. It is easier said than done. But what choice do we even have?
So wait till life’s game is played, and be you merry.



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