Promise – To Say Or To Keep?


Promises are made every day,
They are broken every day.
It is so rare for someone to actually keep their promise, their word.

In spite of knowing that some day it may dawn upon us that a few promises were broken, we still believe when someone makes a promise. We believe it. We believe them.

Promises are made, broken, re-made AND re-broken… both in public and private life. So why does the prospect of a ‘promise to keep’ sometimes seems so daunting?

Is it really that easy to get over a broken promise?


Every body is so busy into their lives, that they barely remember what they say or may have said. Quite interestingly, it is never forgotten by the person who is being promised. They remember it all. And if the word is not kept, then it crumbles down to this phenomenon of ‘Trust’. Breach of trust, rather.

If you know you can’t keep up to your word, then why promise in the first place?

If someone does this to you, then it’s a whole big deal. But if you do this to someone (and repeatedly, that is), then it is acceptable?

If only you cared to know how the other person feels about your promises, AND about your breaking the promises, then you would be extremely disappointed with your own self. Any justifications?

Coz life is not always about self-convenience. Look beyond that narcisstic aspect. You may not even realize how much of an affect you, your words, and your actions may have on someone. And that, is definitely not some thing to let go.

It is unfortunate how the difference between a “promise made” and a “promise kept” is not understood. These are NOT the same. And we all need to know this.


Doesn’t the second option sound better?

Just Think – If it feels better while just reading, then how amazing it would feel in action.


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