The Dreaded Change


One word.
A few meanings.

Pleasant for some,
Dreaded by others.


Why are we so daunted by the word ‘change’..

We learn right from start, that nothing remains the same forever. Everything is bound to change.

Perhaps we dislike changes because somewhere deep inside we know and we realize that some things are perfect just the way they are. They just don’t need to change.

Some material objects.
Some individuals.
Some emotions.
Some relations.

How heavy it is on the heart, to see any of the above changing and transforming into something/someone that you never expected or never wanted.


Change may be a part of life, but not a very accepted part. Not all changes are good. Not all changes are pleasant. Not all changes are worth.

Yet, they are thrusted upon us. And we lie there asking ourselves where we went wrong or how to deal with this much-dreaded aspect of change.


2 thoughts on “The Dreaded Change

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  1. so true!! i dont like changes!! yet i hear it as part of life from everyone 😐
    “Change may be a part of life, but not a very accepted part.” …. now i have a reply! 😉

    wanted to read more but it ended so soon! 😦


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