A Foggy Morning in Winter (Part 1- Realistic)

Mornin’, world! =)
It’s a cold, foggy day here in Dubai. Much to my surprise, winter’s only getting cooler in this ‘desert’. The lifestyle of the people here is so adapted to the warm, bright sun of summer that it is quite difficult to change our schedules with the weather.

Stage One – A war against my sleep. As such, I suffer from minor bouts of insomnia. To make it worse, I have to wake up by 5:30 am, having slept just a couple of hours ago. It is sooo tough to move out of my cozy bed in this chilled weather. And then they wonder why the ‘Good’ to my ‘Mornings’ has disappeared. Sigh.

Stage Two – Struggle to work. The melancholic atmosphere at workplace makes me all the more dull. Ugh. Like, why do I have to spend 8 hours at this place? Why can’t I just crawl back to my bed and get comfy under my warmmmm blanket and ZzZzZz….
(Sleep doesn’t pay me… Yeah, I do realize >_> )

Stage Three Surprise breakfast from colleague! Brace yourselves.. we got desserts for breakfast here! Haha! This lovely colleague, J has got me rising. =D My sister soulmate has yet again managed to bring a smile on my face. THANK GOD for her! Perhaps, this should get me going for a few more hours until I am back to my downside.

Stage Four – Back to work, with a tinge of optimism. Sitting here at my work desk, typing this blogpost out, assuming the tasks I may have to accomplish today… I am hoping for the day to go great.. Or say good, if not great. Or say fine, if not good. Or say ordinary, if not fine.
Um.. Okay looks like my bit of optimism isn’t very positive. ( ._.)

This foggy morning has bought in a lot of shrugging and shivering and chills and sneeze.

Good day, folks!


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