My mother, the biggest blessing


My mother, my ammi jaan (as I address her) is surely one of the strongest women I have ever come across.

She has always managed to do the household chores by herself; and to surprise me more, she completes it all with absolute perfection! She is also able to do minor repairs of devices that may require a mature hand; besides taking over some gardening, plumbing, and electrician jobs. What an all-rounder! I sometimes wonder how things will be when I would be in her position… And it doesn’t even take a minute for me to realize that I am nowhere near her. Nowhere. And I am not ashamed to admit this, for she deserves to be appreciated for her one-ness, her accuracy, her multi-tasking, her everything.


There have surely been days when things have demanded more than physical strength from her. To my surprise and equal pride, she has always stood up to the tests of time. Her level of mental strength is so so high. The Almighty has blessed her with so much of patience, so much of adaptability, so much of affection and care. Spending just some time with her, resting my head on her lap and a few minutes under the shade of her caressing, lies my peace… my soul feels light. Infinite thanks to Him, for blessing me with her! =”)

She has always supported me, been my pillar of strength and motivation. I can never, never thank her enough. Words may seem an underestimation, but my heart knows how much I adore her, admire her, love her, care for her, get worried for her, pray for her, and need her. Now and always.


There is still so much more to say, but for now I’d rather leave with the thought that this post will surely remind me of my ammi jaan whenever I read this, wherever I be. And every such time, my respect and love for her will only increase, my hands will raise only in prayers towards her welfare.

At the moment, she is lying next to me on bed… fast asleep. With every glance at her, I can only say- I so can’t imagine my life without her.

My Mother, My Ammi Jaan,
I Love You So Much.


4 thoughts on “My mother, the biggest blessing

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  1. I got teary-eyed by the time I finished reading it. šŸ˜„ And I am missing my ammi jaan (and abbu jaan as well)l!
    I can feel now the sense of tranquility when I used to lie in my mother’s lap. So calm, so soothing, so quite. So secure! As if it will shield me from every danger in the world. The solution to all my worries. Feeling so lost now.

    You have got a great gift of writing! You write from the heart and manage to pull at the reader’s emotional chord! Keep it up!

    But for the first time I think you are not fully right here “…but for now Iā€™d rather leave with the thought that this post will surely remind me of my ammi jaan whenever I read this, wherever I be”.
    It’s going to remind everyone of their parents!!.


  2. šŸ™‚ … I dont finish reading all your blogs in one day…want to keep some of them for the coming weekend…so that I have something to look forward to every week…just like we dont want to finish our fav dessert or fav dish (esp those which dont get replenished so frequently) all at once….but to enjoy it few spoonfuls at a time….slowly and relishing the taste while it lasts!! šŸ˜€

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