A Rainy Day… A Sign of Change


What a lovely time.. Rains.
The cold, thick droplets fall on my skin.
I start feeling again.

The cold breeze subtly touches my face and moves across, all over.
I start to feel alive.

I feel the weather teasing me, being mischievous with me.
I start to smile.

For some reason the serene atmosphere tries to tell me something, convey something.


The peace, the serenity of that silent conversation, suddenly disrupted by flashes of lightning and loud thunders…
They make me shiver, but I still enjoy being there.

I realize my fears against thunders and lightning being comforted by a loving company, a certain presence.

The gushes of strong wind trying to use its strength to move me.
I stand there, holding my grip but also giving in.. a little bit.

What a breathtaking moment. Every second while I was there was filling me with awe and peace, goodness, it got me thinking about the ‘greener side’ of life.. It got me calm.

There is more… So, so much more to this weather. This rainy day. This stormy day.

Perhaps, a hope.
A hope to feel, to be alive, to smile, to be strong, to enjoy… Alas! To be better. =)

It felt beautiful, immensely beautiful.



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