“Miles to go before I sleep”… A not-so-poetic journey

/ 4:24pm /
I board the bus to go home after work.

/ 4:35pm /
We were waiting for a colleague and now we finally leave.

/ 4:45pm /
I get a call from home. Mom asks me where I am.. this was the casual call i receive from family every day after I leave.
The other colleague in the bus jokes about who is going to reach home first. The weather looks pretty amazing so I don’t mind staying in there! 🙂

/ 5:10pm /
I realize i was supposed to be home by this time.. instead of the usual way, the driver took the longer route and here we are. He says he does not know any other route to reach the destination we were going to. So to avoid any confusion, we leave on him to take us to our homes by the roads he knew. Stuck in the centre of a 6 lane road with just billboards, fellow cars and the endless road to see, I sit here.

/ 5:12pm /
He missed an exit. Wow. So now the long route becomes an even longer route. I am expecting a call from my family any time now. Plus, the weather is getting cooler with the evening, while my mental temperature is only going warm.

/ 5:20pm /
After a streak of frustration and helplessness combined with some wrong turns and missed exits, I see myself in this bus dropping my colleague at her place. Phew. One down, now myself next.

/ 5:20pm /
Just when i think things are going fine, *bam* the driver chooses to skip the shorter route and again goes for the wrong, long route. I, sitting on the window seat, just look at the sky asking, “Why God, Why.”
I am already tired after this long day at work. I agree I wanted to enjoy the weather but not for this long! .. and certainly not in this manner. Sigh*

/ 5:26pm /
I see my phone flashing… it is the much-dreaded call from home again. This time, it is my elder brother. His hard, rough tone is a clear hint to their current mood. I shrug a little but manage to convince him that I will be home in the next 10 minutes.

/ 5:34pm /
We are at the signal and the driver is yet againnnnnn planning to take the other route which I believe is wrong. I quickly interfere and ask him to take a left turn instead, which was atleast somewhat better than his planned route. He hesitates but I finally coax him into taking that left. He proceeds and then agrees to that road being better. I thank God.

*sitting and sitting and sitting*
*looks at the watch.. decides never to look at it again until I reach home*

/ 5:43pm /
The driver casually asks if I am late. I just give a sarcastic laugh and reply, “Naaa not at all.” I realize he got the clue, followed by his facepalm.

My tuition students waiting at home since 5:30pm… my family waiting for me since 5:10.. and little do I know what more is waiting for me from both their sides.  *a shiver runs down my spine*

/ 5:51pm /
We are close to my home. I am in my area atleast. A sigh of relief.

/ 5:57pm /
My entry into home.

*brief pause*

…… I’d rather not say what further unfolded, I’d leave for you to think.


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