29, Feb 2016 – The Day That Was


29th February, 2016

It’s a leap year. 366 days in the year.
One additional day.

I read somewhere that 29th February is either a very lucky day or an extremely unlucky one.

29th February, 2016

A day which gave hints of its glory right from the first hour.
Such positive vibes, such a feel-good feel.
The day that began with a lovely morning sun, not so bright- not so dull, perfecto!
I woke up fresh and energetic, absorbing the motivation from this unique day.
I happily got out of bed and got ready for work… sensing a great day lying ahead of me.
Within no time, ’twas time for breakfast! – a hearty breakfast with a mug of hot coffee. Something to die for!


My work schedule was quite stress-free today, with not much to do. Instead, I got ample free time so I could move around, have a chat with my colleagues and share the happiness! What a relaxing day. :’)

Next, was some ammmazing lunch prepared by my mom. It was too good on the stomach and so not fattening! *aah I’m full

After a stress-free day at work, I reached home in the finest of rides. Welcomed through the gate by my family, I was comforted to just relaaaax. I entered the room, just threw my bags on the floor, and went straight onto my bed like a pampered princess.

I slept.

I slept and slept. Nobody to disturb or to ask me to do the dishes or to sort some files or to clean the mat or to do the laundry or to cook or to do anything except taking rest!

One of the bestest parts about today was how all my efforts paid off. The attempts to mend relationships, the hopes to revive past bonds, the efforts to repair damage to self that had been a routine… All of it worked!

The evening set in. And the sun was setting too.
There must be something quite strangely beautiful about this sunset, I’m sure. Something eerie but beautiful.

Then, the dark night was here. Surprisingly, I found most numbers of stars twinkling in this night sky, than the other nights. Felt very lucky to experience that sight.

Out and about, it all felt like a dream.

And finally,
Now, when I am back on my bed, I am in deep thought. Recollecting how this lovely, lucky day passed.

I come to a conclusion.
I realize, imagination is one hell of a dangerous thing.
After all, my actual 29th February 2016 was the complete opposite of what is written above.


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