A minute of freedom


This word holds different meanings to different people.

I realized one aspect of this ‘freedom’ today and that left me mesmerized.

It was an amazing weather since morning. The weather forecasts showed chances of rain. As the hours passed, it got more windy and dark. And then was the much-awaited shower. Rain.

Glancing through the glass door, I saw the water droplets falling on the glass,  the wet roads.


Me and my sister-soulmate who witnessed all this with me were equally excited and gleamy-eyed.

“Let’s go out. Come on!”
“Ooookay sure..hehe”

I went to the open grass field. I looked up. The dark sky with giant clouds had just finished shedding their water. The wet, cold grass and the lovely smell of wet soil. It lingered around in the air. And I just closed my eyes. I laughed. I held my arms open, facing upwards.


It felt like I had no lines between good or bad, no restrictions to do or not do something, no force to suppress my voice, no social norms to adhere to, no barriers to pursue what I wanted or to achieve what I still want.

Freedom, indeed.

I felt like the queen of the world.



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