Hijab – My Strength, Your Weakness


Ask a hijab-wearing lady to take off her hijab,
And see the look on her face.

I hear of instances which depict hijab, or covered attire among Muslim women as a sign of oppression. Why is it that a woman is considered weak if she chooses to cover her body?
Modest dressing has nothing to do with oppression. It only means that we choose to protect and cover our beauty.
Note, we choose.
We are living in a time where shame is kept wrapped in clothes which often aren’t worn. Or as some say, “People are not free to dress modestly, but paid to be naked”. What a disgrace!
With all humility and respect to an individual’s choice, I have no complaint against women who choose to not take hijab. I only raise a question against every man and woman who force a hijab-taking lady to take it off, or consider them as oppressed and weak. If I do not interfere in another’s affairs, out of mutual sense I expect the same courtesy.. the same personal space from another towards me.
Just some personal space. Is it too much to ask for?

I proudly claim,
My hijab gives me confidence,
My hijab gives me inner peace,
My hijab does not inhibit my freedom,
My hijab is my choice,
And lastly,
My hijab is certainly not oppression.


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