Specialty- Spilled ink!


I am Shereen.
I am a writer.
An ordinary human by looks, a writer at heart.

Two actions describe writers best- They either write, or think about writing. Count me in!
I can have the brightest smile on my face, and a billion thoughts in mind. I may appear quiet and reserved, but my paper knows how talkative I am. We share secrets, stories, dreams and griefs. We both have our own meanings of the phrase ‘Torn apart’.

I kill my enemies in my poems, I enjoy being loved by my ‘man of words’. There are situations in mind, which never really existed, I make them real through words. I look like any other 21-years-old lass, but my writing differentiates me from the rest.

As the ink spills on the paper, there is a whole new face you see of a writer

I catch hold of my pen, and some killer combinations of the 26 alphabets are born.
I like my words deep, and coffee hot.
I find means to make my voice heard.
I may be anti-social, and that’s where my writing jumps in as the hero. It never abandons me nor tests my patience. It understands.
Writing understands the writer.

I admire nature, the moon and the stars, the night especially- That’s my time for homework! I find inspiration in almost anything and everything I see or hear or feel or do.
Yes, I am a writer.
And I love being one.


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