Night Tales


What calm, what beauty, what serenity, what peace… where do you find that, Moon?

Sitting here with a storm of thoughts, I happened to cross the sight of the sky and the moon. In no time, I felt the urge to dedicate a post to this evergreen creation.
No matter what mental state I am in, if I sit to look at the moon, I just get lost in its beauty and serenity. How amazing it is to sit near the window and admire that masterpiece. I tend to forget the entire world for the time being.
A strange sense of emotions, a collision of joy and grimace.
Apparently, no other object manages to capture my senses as the moon does. To add wonders, there are stars surrounding it, like a crown of jewels adorned.
I guess, this sight leaves me with much thought.
And on that note, I leave you guys with this cute picture I found-



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