||Thoughtful Questions||

We often read or listen to words just as they are written or said. We engage in conversations from the surface.. without diving into the ocean of depth which they hide. Just think- For once, if we delve into the deeper meanings of the questions thrown at us, then how drastically our responses would change.
Below are some deep questions to get you thinking… Feel free to answer, if you may. =)

• Do you think the person you fall in love with, is a reflection of who you are?
• What is more important- A person’s freedom or a person’s safety?
• How do you measure beauty?
• What do you think is the best feeling in the world?
• What have you witnessed that has strengthened or weakened your faith in humanity?
• Is anger a necessary emotion?
• Is there value in doing nothing? Can you be alone with your thoughts and find bliss?
• How do you show yourself that you love yourself?
• If you were given a choice between love and money, what would your first thought be?
• What is that one thing which you would never do? Even for a million dollars?
• How would you describe your life so far?
• Are attachments a virtue or a vice?

(P.S- This post has my personal additions to the existing questions as printed in the Weekend Review, a side publication by Gulf News newspaper)


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