The  catastrophe of an after-love //~

It is long since we first got together to know,
We saw, we spoke, and continued to be.
Even longer it seems the day as we’re low,
Since ‘You’ and ‘Me’ drifted from a ‘We’.

It’s legend- you made their heads turn,
It’s epic- I made their souls melt.
When together, we could see the remorse burn,
With no damn given, and no guilt felt.

You were famous for meeting their look,
I was known for winning their heart-
A collision of them all is all it took,
And together became a better part.

It is history- for when two swords collide,
One just falls to decide and choose.
When you moved from mine to the opposite side,
I fought but din’t have much to lose.

You had your reasons to do what you did,
I still wouldn’t accept that as it came.
The lady had her ways to win every bid,
You became the bid that drowned her name.

Even the skies could cry seeing us depart,
And the flowers would lose their smell to dust,
And the colours of palette would lose all art,
While some call this love a mere lust.


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