Chain my restrictions/ Let me free

A breath
A fresh breath
Give me some air to breathe

Give me some space to expand my horizons
To unleash my inner self
That is strong
That is really, really strong-
And needs some space to exist… So give me that.

Give me peace
I have been a chaos for long enough
I have craved some calm, some silence
Let me enjoy some serenity

Give me love
I am used to giving my all and not receiving
I am loving but rarely loved
Allow me to immerse myself in this realm of fire

Give me hope
Regret and disappointment surround me
Darkness is all i see and it’s fatal to be so miserable
So give me the light of hope

I need respiration. I need strength. I need peace. I need love. I need hope.
I am chaos now… I was the universe, forced to exist in a human body.



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