Your birthday, my gift


Dearest Jennifer.

Within the boundaries of our hectic jobs, day to day miseries, depressing “shit”, undeserving people, and wasted efforts… a really special and precious day arrives, for a really special and precious person.


I cannot thank God enough, for bringing us at a point where we met, got to know, and now became so close to each other. I still remember the day when we first met. Recollect that, and compare it with today. A huge difference, isn’t it? Hell yes!
Along the course of these 1 year and 7 months, we have had countless memories, of which I would mention some below-

1) Bucket Lists
We used to prepare so many lists.. but barely followed them after a month. Haha Be it official or personal, we have spent so much of time jotting down things we are supposed  to do or things we want to do. Haven’t succeeded with completing even one of those, but hey.. the jokes and fun we had while creating them? All worth it.

2) My first Starbucks
Yes, this just had to come in. I have always been amazed by this coffee giant and desired a treat. How could I not know- It would be with you. That anxiety, those chills, that excitement.. spoilt for choices, placing the order, waiting for the order to arrive and then finally being able to sip it with you. Priceless!

3) My first nail paint
Eventhough it lasted for a minute, the thrill of having you do it for me was all the more special.

4) Exclusive access to my drafts
You were one person who encouraged me to write, no matter how much I told you about some others who didn’t want me to proceed with it. You had a key role in my writing and making me confident about it. You were the first (say, the only) person whom I showed my written pieces to. And I’m proud to say, that holds true even today. I still show it first to you.

5)My first time at a restaurant
You remember, how excited we both were when we had a staff lunch together at Gazebo Restaurant? That posh place, that get-together, that ecstasy .. best part? All with you. A time well spent, indeed. The next time we were at JW Marriott Marquis, and I was equally delighted seeing the surrounding and having that 10-Star-Feeling. How you held my hand and took me to see the grand arrangement of lunch and hundreds of dishes, the chocolate fountain, the drinks corner (yes, I remember how you were teasing me about that as I was shocked looking at those bottles..hehe)… HUGEEE!

6) My first literary award
How can I exclude this? This today is one opportunity when I can express my gratitude and appreciation for all you have done for me. That day was filled with surprises for me. And you masterminded it all. The person who has always been by my greatest motivator was the one who planned this award night for me.. how overwhelming is that! Every time I think of that night or whenever I will look at the award, you will be the first and sole person to come in my mind. Ever so.

My dear, I have no words to thank you. Nor do I have any, to thank the Almighty for blessing me with you. You have always been by my side, I promise I will be there too. You have always helped me, I promise I will help you too. You have always cared for me, I promise I will always care for you too. You have trusted me no matter what people said, I promise I will always trust you too no matter who says what. On your birthday, I am elated to express my affection for you, know that you hold a really high position for me and always will.
Once again, a very very happy birthday. I wish the best for you in every aspect. May you have an amazing year ahead. May the Almighty grant all your just wishes and bless you with immense happiness and success in everything you pursue.

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Your birthday, my gift

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  1. I’m literally crying, this is so amazing. Thank you so much my sister soulmate you are and always will be my sister soulmate, I’m glad to have another crazy year with even more crazy adventures and incomplete lists which hopefully we will get around to completely
    Love you so much
    There’s no words or no amount of poetry that can describe my love for you
    Love you loads my sister soulmate

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww hehe wow that’s an overwhelming response! 😀 Entirely my pleasure, dear. Love you too . And I sure am looking forward to some more amazing memories with ya! #JustJenniferShereenThings


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