My Kashmir… A wounded paradise


What was, what is, and what will be out of the Kashmir Valley… These are questions that are, perhaps quite vague. I doubt if they can ever be answered with accuracy. Kashmir now, is like a wounded body, mowed down with ownership arrows from both sides of the border. Some foreign intervention alongwith the efforts of locals and other supporters often act as medicines to revive this fallen soldier… and so far the life in it still breathes, somehow. If proper attention and solutions are not taken in hand, then soon this wounded body will succumb to its injuries and that, will be the death of Peace.

It’s true, the image of the army and any non-Kashmiri Indian is very harsh and unpleasant in the minds of Kashmiris. Having had conversations with my own relatives and discussions on forums, I myself have witnessed the kind of “hate-streak”which is etched in the minds of Indian Kashmiris against the Indian army. It is sad, plain sad, that a paradise has been reduced to a mere battleground between two countries which could do better. Much, much better.
When I visit my land there, I see scores of people on the streets, marching ahead, chanting against India.



For real, if we come to think of it, then I as a Kashmiri can say that in reality we need azaadi from our hatred, azaadi from the violence, azaadi from the exploitation of our youth.

And the day our economy, our State becomes strong enough to ensure these fragments of azaadi, that will be the day no nation would dare to pounce on us as if it were some muft ka maal.


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