Mumbai Diaries : Lonely Nights

So it’s 22: 37pm and I am here, lying down on my bed.
I look across the window, seeing a cloudy, dark sky. I hear random thunders giving hints of Mumbai-chi rain in the coming days.
I crave to see my buddies, the stars in the sky. Perhaps, they too are busy tonight.

I lie here alone on my bed, amidst pillows to give me company.
I have always been a nyctophile, have always loved nights. Yet tonight seems long, lonely, lifeless.

I wonder, why.

I am in Mumbai now.. the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams. Yet, I find myself struggling to even sleep, dreams are far off.

I wonder, why.

I get indirect answers- The absence of some important people, the presence of some unwanted thoughts, the emotional upheavel and mental chaos.
I suppose, I know these in detail but I am afraid I don’t want to research more. They are like a forbidden zone, especially in such lonely nights like this one here.


It’s 23:00pm. I now hear the subtle sounds of water falling on the leaves and my window glass. It’s drizzling. The clouds are shedding their unnecessary weight. I think they are hinting me too.

Writing in solitude and deep thought,
Signing off.


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