A Night Drenched in Rain & Hurt


Ek toh waise hi gehri raat thi,
Uspe bhaari horahi barsaat thi.
Hawaaon ka rukh bhi tez tha,
Sukoon se humaara parhez tha.

Shayad baadalon ka dil bhi kisi ne dukhaaya tha,
Unko bhi kisi azeez ne kardiya paraaya tha.
Woh zorr zorr se rote, zorr zorr se baraste,
Yahan mera bhi wahi haal, hum dono hi taraste.

Woh ek dooje se takraate, takraake toot jaate,
Kahan roshan subah hoti, aur kahaan saath choot jaate.
Mere bhi khayaal takra karke azaab bangaye, Jaana,
Mujhe torrte rahe raat bhar, subah tak aibhakhana.

Ab ke jo subah hui, ek baadal hai na uski boond,
Meri bhi iltija sunn, hosake toh unko dhoond.
Poochun mainn bhi unse, ke kaise roshan ho uthe tum?
Thora mujhe bhi zinda karlo, hoon mainn bhi raat se gum.

English Translation
First, it was a cold, dark night,
To add further, it was raining heavily.
The speed of winds was quite fast too,
Apparently, we both were bereft of peace.

Perhaps, even the clouds were hurt by someone,
Maybe they too, were left abandoned by their close ones.
They would cry loudly, and shed rain heavily,
Here, even I was doing the same; we both were bereft.

They would collide with each other, and then would break,
Wishing for bright mornings, lest their company be lost.
My thoughts too, collided and became catastrophic, my love,
They too broke me, whole night, until morning rigorously.

Now that it is morning, I see neither the clouds nor their shed rains,
Listen to my request, please find them.
Let me ask them, “How did you manage to transform into brightness?
Please help me be alive too, I too have been depressed like you since last night”.


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