Mumbai Diaries : Monsoons Arrive


One of the best times to visit Mumbai is during its monsoon season.
There is lush greenery, the flora and fauna of the area just spring up into life. There is a totally new face of the city you experience.
Days are more pleasant, nights are coolest. Not to forget, they are also scary when it thunders. The loud noise could creep any person out mid-sleep. I was one such victim last night. I could see the flashes of lightning even from within the blanket, and no respite was relieving enough.

The puddles of water on the roads that make you want to play in it, the smell of wet soil, the mild hymning of the breeze, the sight of huge dark clouds, the subtle drizzling which suddenly transforms into heavy showers… Each one is a sight to relish.

It won’t be wrong to say that this is just the beginning. The best of Mumbaikar monsoon is yet to come! =)


Agar Mumbai aaye aur baarish mein naa bheega,
Toh kya Mumbai aaye? Cheh.


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