A failed deal with life


I would let my mind wander,
Do see where it goes,
In the land of peace n subtlety,
Away from all these woes.
A land of shimmering sunlight,
A land of refreshing rains.
A place to be one self, for real,
And wash away all the pains.

Wandering, I find people,
Who in real fulfill their word.
I also cross the paths,
Of people who are free birds.
I, then catch sight of My Life,
I pause, as it walks by.
I gaze in awe, as it passes me,
Ah, what a beautiful lie!

I stop it by its shoulder,
And I say as it turns back-
“I think of exchanging sorrows,
And gaining what I lack.
Give me some good times,
Take all my wounds instead.
Breathe some joy into me,
Incarnate me from the dead.

Bring me grains of loyalty,
Bring me drops of peace.
Bring me tonnes of days well spent,
That may bring me some ease”
My Life listens patiently,
But leaves with a frown,
-And that was more a rejected plea
In that rejection, I drown.
                                            –Shereen A.M


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