Just a feeling

Some times it all appears like mere quotes.
Some times, situations make you believe that the world is definitely not a better place to live in.
Truth being hidden, lies being told with no shame in the eyes, trust being shattered like a mere glass, loyalty lost like a traveller.

Maybe, the biggest test for any person is to survive in a world like this.

~Shereen A. M


5 thoughts on “Just a feeling

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  1. True lines . Hope this post will heal many wounded souls . I’m sure everybody has gone through this phase this post depicts . Although , we may always be not able to avoid difficult situations , we may modify the extent to which we can suffer by how we choose to respond to the situation . Great post . Quite meaningful. Thanks for sharing !


  2. yeah you were but i thought there was a hint of the possibility of the ‘other-side’ of life….sometimes the situations make you believe that the world is not worth living in but still that may not be the whole truth and if a person survives it all then that means he has also discovered that other side as well apart from having the strength to deal with the negative side!
    Also, sometimes the realization of being stuck in a mess motivates you to come out of it…specially if this realization is coming from someone else! 🙂


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