A Distant Kashmiri’s Prayer

I offer you my prayers
I bow down to you alone
I ask from you in my dua,
For the world’s people and my own.

Listen to me, Almighty,
Listen to me, O Rab!
Let my wishes cross the skies,
And reach you straight above.

My heaven is turning into hell,
My Valley is torn, it bleeds.
My faith overcomes the evil around
Only You could pay some heed.

I see li’l kids afraid of going out,
Or one, praying for her missing friend,
And a mother dying by her son’s corpse,
Or a husband whose tears don’t see an end.

It’s a request, Almighty
I plead to you O Rab
Help the people of my Valley, before
They themselves reach you, above.



11 thoughts on “A Distant Kashmiri’s Prayer

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    1. The sad state of Kashmir brings me to write this. I shall definitely write something pleasant soon, but the current situations there do not bring me any positivity.
      I wish to make that pain noticed, realized and felt, through my writing

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      1. They have suffered too long… Eventually now, they have reached the extent to which they no longer care what’s right or wrong. They just crave for freedom from all these atrocities; which often leads them to take law in their hands.

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      2. Well, my friend, your agreeing or disagreeing with me doesnt change the reality, go into the root cause, research some more, from different angles, use your brain & you’ll get the idea

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