It’s Okay… Happens.

When you’re having a bad day,
Think of your loved ones,
Better days.
Don’t over-criticize, yourself or the other person.
It  won’t do any good.

Shit happens, things go wrong.
Tribulations and sufferings are only a part of life.
How else will you know what is happiness, if you have never been upset?
How else will you know what’s special, if you have never experienced ordinary?

Inflictions are only a way of testing us and teaching us lessons, perhaps little difficult ones. If you are firm in your mind and heart about standing up after the fall, then no suffering in the world can pull you back. But if you allow space for weak willpower, then nothing in the world can help you rise.
At the start of every difficult situation in life, it is in your hands how to approach it.
And at the end of every ordeal, it is your call what you learn from it and how you use that in the days forth.

The choice is yours, make it wise.



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