A Pellet Wound On The Head

They say, ‘Kashmir is like the crown on the head of India.’


Then why is this crown being pushed off to fall?
Why is the ‘head’ of India being hit by its own people?

Today, I heard of my cousin’s grandfather being hit by these pellets shot by the forces. Until now, I used to write of other families who are suffering from injuries and deaths of dear ones. Now, it is one of my own families.

According to Firstpost.com, ‘A pellet, made of small metal — usually aluminum — balls, when fired from a short-range pellet gun, can pierce into the body of a person and can cause damage to his or her internal organs or face including eyes.’
According to The Indian Express, ‘One cartridge of a pellet gun contains a few hundred pellets which resemble ball bearings. The moment it is fired, the cartridge bursts and immediately throws hundreds of pellet from a single point.’

The pellet guns used by the army in Kashmir are terrific, and obviously can cause (say, ARE CAUSING) horrendous damage.

Look at the pictures below, believe me, it took me a really high amount of courage to find them, view them, and upload them. (Warning: Sensitive content ahead)

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These are still an understatement. I have still uploaded only the most basic pictures. If you are strong enough to withstand more gruesome reality, then please surf the Internet and see for yourself. You will be shocked at the brutality that the civilians in Kashmir are facing in their day to day lives.
I agree, the agitation shown by some Kashmiri people towards India is a bit too much (Note- only by SOME people, not all). But then, there is a way to deal with conflicts, to overcome clashes and disagreements! The Army cannot and should not use such lethal weapons against the common people in lieu of their protests. There must be other, little more milder ways to control the crowd. Furthermore, it is not only about the actual criminals- The civilians are having to face the brunt of the evildoing committed by a bunch of tyrants.

The Army was positioned in Kashmir to protect the Valley from going into ruins, to protect its people. One cannot expect being killed by the very forces which are supposed to protect them!

Let me make it clear- I do not support violence by any means, nor do I want to be called pro-Pakistan.
My heart bleeds for my people, and I don’t think it is wrong to bring out their plight to the world.

Sitting in a far-off land, I read news daily about the occurrences in my land, my Kashmir.
I see pictures of heavily injured men, mourning women and wailing kids. I might as well turn the page over or then flip the TV channel showing these news/pictures, but tell me, how do I turn my face from the reality? How can I do this? How can you do this? How can anybody do this?

This oppression, this torture needs to end. If India is actually serious about re-establishing a place in the hearts of Kashmiri people; if India genuinely wants to soothe the past wounds on Kashmir, or then atleast for the sake of retaining the Kashmir Valley in its political territory, India must really put an end to these tormenting practices, these deadly weapons, these immoral actions. Otherwise the crown on India would fall, and with that fall the entire base of democracy and peace in India. Eventually, the wave of violence would only rise higher and higher, ultimately enveloping the entire country, and that, Khudaaya would be catastrophe.


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  1. I appreciate your courage to write about Kashmir. Many are not ready to talk or write about these issues because they think they might be under the radar. The fear makes people silent. They fear because they think they would imprint as a Pakistani.
    It is not an outsider issue. They are our people, They are Indian. We need them to be saved at any cost.

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    1. I totally second your thought in this matter… the Kashmiris need to be saved at any cost. And this feeling of belonging.. the “our people” title is what can make them feel safe with India. The conditions currently however, are pathetic! And at this rate, India is losing them more than ever. It needs to regain their trust.
      Thank you very much for reading. My purpose is served as long as the message reaches out to as many people as possible.

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  2. Forgive me for my ignorance, but as they say, they need to control the mob…..
    And if you don’t use pellet guns you have to use the real guns,which does the real damage!!!!
    What we need though is more of talking than pellets and bullets I believe…..
    People never learn…..
    Wars have always been so much thrilling for those who aren’t involved


    1. Like I mentioned in my post, there are ways to handle the crowd. If the forces have been positioned to protect the people, then one can’t expect to be blinded by the same. There are clashes in every State, but why do we hear of such terrible methods used to control the crowd only in Kashmir? Like I also mentioned in the post, I agree that some Kashmiris hold a bad opinion about India. But isn’t India proving them right by only treating them worse? They should focus more on regaining their lost trust, instead of causing more damage (intentional OR unintentional). How can Kashmir ever favour India internationally if it has witnessed its youth being blinded by the same administration? This whole episode is too complicated, but if paid attention to detail, then it’s all about group effort. Half way India, half way Kashmir. Say what?


      1. Touche…… Govt is doing things that’s making kashmiri youth hate them and the extremists are cashing the opportunity to manipulate them to take up arms…… We need more diplomacy and less bullets to be honest….

        Do you live in Kashmir???


  3. I am so sorry for late response, I did not see this comment earlier. I saw it only now, when I was surfing through my feeds. Really sorry.
    And to answer your question, I am a Kashmiri living in Dubai, and having a base in Mumbai. =)


  4. The problem originates beyond the borders; of the country, of religion, of uniform, and of even, location.
    It could have been any other border state but unfortunately, Kashmir was left undecided by the British.
    The best Indians are from Kashmir, and I am sorry our people have suffered due to a historically bad decision and geographically, a border location.
    We can together solve this by getting stronger in building healthy perspective and community healing.

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