A nyctophile’s complaint

Why do we tell our children
that the sun shall shine,
and all the problems will vanish?
Why does the day enjoy autonomy
of bringing positivity and hope?
What about the night?
People don’t realize.. there is an aura,
a charisma that provokes us to ponder,
undeterred serenity surrounds us at night.
The light of the twinkling stars,
and the moonbeams
arouse love in our eyes and souls.
There is peace at night,
which is unfound in the day.

Days may be motivating, but
Nights are divinely beautiful.



3 thoughts on “A nyctophile’s complaint

Add yours

  1. it takes me to my fantasy!….a vast green outfield illuminated by a bright moonlit night!! tranquility all around….away from all the worries…walking lazily and soaking up the moments!!


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