On A Roller Coaster Ride

• Are you struggling with a wrong job or no job?
• Are you finding it difficult to focus on your studies?
• Do you feel that there is a lack of understanding between you and your family?
• Do you feel that nobody’s really your friend?
• Are you feeling left-out after a breakup/argument with your loved one?

Or perhaps, are you feeling like everything else is also falling apart?

Remind yourself- It’s a part of life.
The bad thing about good times is that they don’t last,
The good thing about bad times is that they don’t last either.

Life is like a rollercoaster ride.
When you’re going down in full swing, it is only making you prepared to rise like a phoenix.
Remind yourself, you’re stronger than this.
You’re much, much stronger.
Have patience, enjoy the ride.



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