Make Someone’s Day!

Smile at as many people as possible today.
You never know,
The girl at the bus stop you smile at, must be upset with her attire, that din’t come out well today. Your smile would make her believe that people not only like her on good days, but also on days when things are not going too well.

The businessman unlocking his car to drive to office, you may smile at him and it would remind him of his own carefree days of youth; perhaps he would start his day with a smile that was long lost among business meetings and deals.

The cleaner sweeping the roads, pausing in between to look at young children who wait for their school bus. He must be thinking of his own childhood and feeling disheartened for not being given the opportunity to have proper education. Your smile can be a source of relief and calm for him, a healing touch perhaps. And he would get back to work with peace of mind, having accepted that life is unfair to everyone in different ways.

The young man you pass by and smile at, must be going for a job interview. Tension, stress, nervousness, fear of failure, what not would be up his mind. Your smile can comfort him and bring up his confidence. Wouldn’t that be a plus during his interview?

And the one thing that would bind all these people together, would be the fact that each of them will smile back at you.
You will only give a part of your smile to them, and it could do wonders!

Go ahead, make someone’s day!



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