Fighting Depression

The world wakes up to the brighter mornings,
And with better hopes to live the day,
While some people on the edge of the bed
Were turning sides all the way.


One feels too weak to fight her demons,
She hasn’t rested, nor an hour slept,
And another has had enough of life,
He almost gave up while he wept.


Her friends are busy planning dates,
No time to feel her constant pain.
His family is upset, confused
And afraid of asking him again.


They want to feel alive with us,
And help their state of mind!
If only we be more considerate,
More observant and kind.


Tumhara koi apna, ab badal gaya hai.
Kyun woh chup hai? Kabhi socho.
Agar kuch theek na lage,
Toh utho, #dobarapoocho .

If you find someone disturbed, then ask them about it. Not once, but atleast 2-3 times. People under depression often isolate themselves from everything and everyone… It’ll take some effort in bringing their walls down. Put that effort.
Their silence is their biggest cry for help.

Help them.

~Supporting the #DobaraPoocho campaign by the Live Love Laugh foundation.

-via @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram


2 thoughts on “Fighting Depression

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  1. Hey, I’m so sorry that I missed your comment 😦
    Well, I am very much here, just a little off The Poetic Potion, but I am active on @fromlifetoshereen 🙂
    Find me there, in my world.
    And thank you so so much for your kind words… This encouragement really helps.


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