Do You Know Her?

​She was not ordinary, she had her own way of doing things. She cared a bit beyond the line, she loved a little extra; she had her own strengths and weaknesses. When someone would do wrong to her, she wouldn’t hold the person up by the collar or breed grudges. She was too forgiving, too accomodating. Instead, she would convince herself that there must be some reason behind it, she’d give you excuses even when you wouldn’t. She’d push herself to understand you and your perceptions, your take on things. But life never went easy on her, and she din’t go easy on herself, either.

In a world where everyone only thinks about themselves, you’d find this girl who would think about how you must be feeling too. There’s society who asks, ‘How are you?’ just for the sake of formality, and then there was her, who would genuinely want to know how you’re doing everytime she asked. If she wouldn’t feel convinced with your answer, she would also put extra efforts to know what’s bothering you and try to help you out. She wasn’t the master of the universe, she din’t have things under her control, she couldn’t always solve your problems. But what set her apart is, she wouldn’t let you feel alone through that phase either.

She was no saint, no angel. She too had some flaws, like all others. But even her flaws were beautiful, and maybe that made her so extraordinary.
You could bring lots of gifts for her and she would oblige with a subtle ‘thank you’; but when you’d do something as eerie as lending her your shoulder, she’d feel like a princess and make sure you knew it.
A very reserved person perhaps, by nature. While some people get completely quiet in times of mental distress, she used to transform into a chatterbox. None would realize that something is wrong with her, unless they looked into her eyes and saw her soul’s reflection on the tears that well up her eyes. It’s not for everybody to know.
She would make you feel like the luckiest, most adored, most cared, most valuable person on the face of Earth… even when you knew you were guilty of certain things.
She was different.
She was not one in a billion, she was one of her kind.


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