Foggy Mornings

It’s a cool morning,
The entire landscape is enveloped with fog.
Perhaps, it is nature’s way of saying that there is a grey side to life… Some thing more than just black and white.
Things are not always what they seem. Neither are people what they always appear.
You need to go deeper and explore, before you can make a judgement.
Say, the day when everything is going wrong .. maybe that night you will be blessed with something that you have long been craving for;
Or say, the most cheerful person who always smiles at you, must be a wreck when no one sees.
Next time you have a situation, or when you see a person, remind yourself to explore them first. Maybe then, you would have a better opinion about them; perhaps a more genuine one, if I may say.

-via @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram


31 thoughts on “Foggy Mornings

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      1. A talent with a question mark! If I m talking to someone interesting, i never let the conversation end. NEVER…..
        Haan sahi mein that’s just hocus pocus…. Even I don’t believe in it.
        How’s the weather in Dubai?


  1. I remember meeting a person with depth and sharpness and telling him/her how I thought he/she was like an onion. I coined the idiom to display how he/she had layers. I think you partly touch that topic, how unless and until you manage to dig deep, you can never truly know someone enough, and in that lies a beautiful irony.

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