The Traffic

Just a subtle expression of how one man’s privilege is another man’s dream; It’s all hopes and wishes, dreams and goals. Read on-

On a rushing, busy night,

Scattering hues of red light,

Lined are cars, old and new,

On the roads packed tight.


I see, a brand new Merc,

Heavier on the owner’s purse,

Still no super powers over traffic?

Even a slight dent would be a curse.


The owner, restless, seated behind,

His darling’s safety on his mind,

He wished he had no Merc to care,

While seeing the reckless cars in line.


At once, a pedestrian catches my eye,

His tired face, now up and high,

His eyes gleaming with hope and awe,

He dreams of that Merc passing by.

– via @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram


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