Daily Prompt: Maddening

I heard the cries of babies trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings.

I heard the pleas of men who begged the perpetrators to spare their women.

I heard the mourning women, beating their chests in front of their husband’s or son’s corpses.

I heard the screams of young ladies who were being subjected to harassment in solitude, and far worse, in front of their families.

I heard the rigorous gun shots, the bullets piercing through thousands of bodies.

And I heard the helpless civilians running for shelter here and there… Praying to the Almighty to grant them death before the perpetrators reach them.

… But the deafening silence of the World was still too loud. It was maddening– their incompetence in putting an end to the atrocities on Syrian people.

via Daily Prompt: Maddening


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