Work now, Rest later

Courtesy: My  Official Instagram Account 

Along the lake, I come to sit,
My weary body, bit by bit.

As I lean on the tree behind,
A chaos steers in my mind-

“I’m yet to take a giant leap
There’s miles to go before I sleep”.

To my lonesome struggles; repeated falls,
To my pals who then ignored my calls,

To my inner battles, my one-man wins,
And to the world I am to prove some things:

My mind reminds, and pricks me deep,
“There’s miles to go before I sleep”.

– Shereen Mir


18 thoughts on “Work now, Rest later

Add yours

      1. See I read something lately, and thought you’d like it so here it is…..
        लबों में यूँही सी हंसी भेज दे
        मुझे मेरी पहली सी ख़ुशी भेज दे
        अँधेरा है कैसा तेरा खत पढूं
        लिफाफे में थोड़ी रौशनी भेज दे!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Woahh good one!! Thanks for sharing! 😀 Here’s a rough reply maybe:
        Mainn ghamon ki aandhi, tujhe hasi kahaan se doon?
        Jo teri aankhon mein jhalke, woh khushi kahaan se doon?
        Khath dekh toh le, hai woh kora kaagaz,
        Siyaai jazbaat maange… woh kahaan se doon?

        Now incase you din’t get it, here is the English version-

        I am a storm of grimace, how do I get you smiles?
        Which reflects in your eyes, how do i get you that happiness?
        Atleast open my letter, it’s a blank paper,
        For writing demands emotions, how do I get them?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. OH………..MY…………GOD………!
        THIS is the apt and the most beautiful reply……
        Damn!! Can you feel my excitement!!! I am sure you can……
        So you talk so good, you are interesting, you can also write poems …… *Scratching my head* guess I am in love!!!


      4. Do you mean more romantic kind of posts by change…… Then YES!!!!
        Humor is indispensable….. I have been sent on the earth to make people laugh….. Damn!! That was a good line wasnt that???
        It wil be Romcom….


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