Fallen Leaves… Memories

Along the sullen road,
Are speckled fallen leaves,
Walkers come and go,
But none to stop and see-
What have the leaves seen?
Upon them who did walk?
Gazillion things to share,
If only they could talk.
Pushed to the side, they are,
In smaller groups, they lay.
With just a breeze of air,
They shrug, as if to say-
“We were once the greens here,
Adorning my muse, like a crown,
Now we’re wandering souls
For there are new jewels in the town”.
At one look, the fallen leaves,
Remind me of memories-
There can be new ones in their place,
But the old ones can’t get replaced.

-@fromlifetoshereen on Instagram


15 thoughts on “Fallen Leaves… Memories

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  1. Wow Shereen!! This is brilliant!! Absolutely Amazing! Quite speechless here!! Honestly, read it atleast four times and loved it even more with each reading! Of late you have written some really amazing poetry and please keep going!! Sometimes when we stop it becomes difficult to get back to that flow, that quality ( personally experiencing it right now) so yeah keep writing! Stay blessed 🙂

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