Watch out: Dreams falling!

People walking, their dreams falling from their pockets

How many of us are doing what we actually want to do?
How many of us are where we actually want to be?
How many of us have what we actually want?

Every single day, I come across so many people who are simply passing days doing things that they are forced to do… hoping to reach that phase where they no longer have to kill their desires, no longer have to suppress their aspirations for the sake of social pressure, or no longer have to spend their dreams to get 2 square meals…
A writer studying Business Management;
A gamer solving bills and managing finances;
A designer moulding into a Sales Executive;
~A someone turning into a someone else~
You see, life was never fair. And maybe that by itself is another test to us- How we adapt to life’s ‘unfairness’. Some people turn shrewd, harsh and unforgiving. Others (very few, though) use their blessings, however limited, to be a source of some relief to others who are going through similar tough times.

-Shereen Mir (@fromlifetoshereen )

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15 thoughts on “Watch out: Dreams falling!

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      1. Thanks to you for providing such an amazing writing experience…so enriching, thoughtful, soul-stirring and so true…each post i couldnt help but marvel at how accurately and beautifully you had captured the essence of what you are trying to put across. Simply brilliant stuff! I am in awe and respect! Keep it up!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. SUPERLIKE! Haha i am so short of words! It is this appreciation and motivation that gets me to write more. It is really such an amazing feeling to know that someone is actually loving my posts so much! 😄 MashaAllah
        Thanks a lot!

        Liked by 1 person

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