Turning 22 on 22!

22nd January, 2017

What. A. Day.

Let me confess, it was my birthday.
Yes, I turned 22 on 22 Jan, this year.
Right since the time I woke up, I filled myself with positivity and joy. I was really looking forward to this day. I don’t celebrate birthdays, but I think when the day finally comes, we all have our little box of expectations and hopes that opens up. So did mine.

I gathered quite a lot of good wishes, and they came
… from a couple of amazing people who are very close to me, people that I consider my own, and their single wish right at 00:00am makes my day;

… from colleagues whose birthday celebrations I have been arranging all throughout, and they wanted to return the gesture of making the birthday girl/boy feel special;

… from some long-lost friends who were reminded of my birthday by the Facebook reminder;

… from some kind souls that follow my work on my official Instagram account .

… from colleagues who ordered a yummm chocolate cake and some hot samosas for a group treat in this chilling winter (with occasional drizzling too!)


I must say, it was quite a mixture of emotions that were running through me. Since morning all the way till late noon, I was quite up and high, maybe because I had kept myself so occupied. But as the day was arriving to its end, I felt something was missing, something was incomplete. I think somewhere inside I even knew the reason, but din’t want to face it. Umm.. Khair.

Highlight Of The Day:Image result for kfc spicy fries

Jennifer, my sister soulmate, arranged a Cinderella-like surprise for me by coming to my place at a certain time of the evening and planning for a great time together. Image result for tiramisuShe bought a lovely present, giftwrapped in a monochrome artistic paper, keeping in mind that I am not fond of colours- It was all with just the style that I could love. She also got me KFC Spicy Fries and Tiramisu- the treat that we both used to relish together when we were working together. This surprise was all about nostalgia, and her effort, and how much I miss her presence around me.


Birthday Message:

To all you lovely people out there, I only wish the best for you. May you reach a li’l more close to your ultimate goal,
May you be blessed with more love, care and support of your near and dear ones,
May you find more people who are deserving of you,
And may your sheen continue spreading light around.
I hope you make the best of this year, and have a great time ahead.

Much Love,
-Shereen A. Mir


23 thoughts on “Turning 22 on 22!

Add yours

  1. OH MY!!! SHE!!!!
    A very very happy birthday to you!!!😍😍
    So Jan 22 it is…… Ahaan…..
    So glad you enjoyed it….. That cake looks yummy!!!
    Birthdays are actually very special…. A treat is due on you!!!!😉😉
    Mat you get everything your heart desires, be it samosas or Ferrari…… May you get lots of happiness and success……
    And may you keep writing some inspiring stuff…….
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Still there must be something right that a minimalist poetess wants…..
        Something that comes to your mind when you see a falling star ……. May that thing be yours is my wish…..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Belated happy birthday.may you be blessed with more love,care and support of your near and dear ones.may you find more people of deserving you.I’m sorry for using your words 😀 wishing you a wonderful year ahead.may all your desires come true this year.

    Liked by 1 person

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