Door To A Perfect Life

​I ask, “Is there a door to perfect life?

If yes, then where is it found?

Does it connect to the heavens,

Rising from the ground?”


“Its stairs shine with your effort,

Looking rich in every way!”-

He tells, “It’s not in world’s palaces,

But in your mind, as I could say.

It prevails in the pious, hard worker,

And too long so it has been.

They all say- it does exist,

But has any of them seen?”

A subtle conversation between a praying human, and the Creator.

I’ve taken a very rough staircase as the subject, to emphasize on our mindsets, which coax us to believe that good things are only found in posh, hi-fi places. It’s strange how sometimes I can find inspiration in the most unexpected places, be it an unpolished stairway, for that matter.

via @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram


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