To My Land, My Kashmir

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Kisi bachhe ke manind, shareer bana rakha hai,
Kuch aisa Allah ne mera Kashmir bana rakha hai;

Kuch inteqaam ki aag mein jalta hai Kashmir,
Kayi shaheedon ke saath, marrta hai Kashmir;

Kabhi barfeela pardah orhe rehta hai Kashmir,
Kabhi saare pehre khole rehta hai Kashmir;

Kabhi sabz gulistaan ki mehfil hai Kashmir,
Kabhi sarr laga taaj, toh kabhi dil hai Kashmir;

Thora khudse, thora auron se larrta hai Kashmir,
Kuch aman ke thehrao se bhi karta hai Kashmir;

Ek ki hai zidd, toh doosre ki mannat hai Kashmir,
Par dono jahaano mein ek hi Jannat hai Kashmir.

Shereen A. Mir


34 thoughts on “To My Land, My Kashmir

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    1. Yes, do visit. I know a lot of negativity surrounds Kashmir. But believe me, if you keep your fears aside for just once, and visit the Valley, then you will know why it is called Heaven on Earth. =)
      As long as we know we aren’t doing anything wrong, why to keep oneself bereft of the pleasure that comes from experiencing a place so amazing? =)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. It’s pretty safe I must say……
      Not that everything people say is a fuss but there has been exaggeration about insurgency in Kashmir…..
      Tips for you…
      Be humble there, dont mess with armed forces they are nastier than militants…… And you can enjoy the place……

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Nope. Agar unka aur mera aamna-saamna behtar hota toh we would have been living in the same era. Mere existence mein aane se pehle hi woh extinct hogaye… they knew that a more fiery being is coming to the planet.. haha *okay now yeh zyada hogaya* hahaha what am I even …
        Gosh, see what you make me do >_>


      2. Haha only God would have known for certain……
        You know one of my dreams is seeing a dragon….. And I religiously believe in it,….

        Haha well….. I am bringing out the Interesting side of Sheen……. The one that talks A LOT…… Haha……


      1. It’s love Sheen😍😳😍😍!! When would you understand……
        Love is blind, makes me like everything you write…….😜


      2. Oh well…. So u really think, I’d give you a like just like that….. Cone on…..
        U write good and that’s why u my favorite blogger not the other way round…….
        And I am quite habitual with those pick up lines……. So…… Ahem


      3. Oh yes!!! And I really admire that….
        Btw…. There’s my latest post about girls like you….. The intelligent ones I mean….. Hope you’ll like it. …
        Even if you didn’t I’ll get an honest response I am sure


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