Of Cold Nights n Days

Such fast-paced winds, they rush through my hair, striking loose every strand and scattering them all over my face. I countlessly try to tame them, but they refuse to be controlled… perhaps, the winds have conspired to tease me.

My specs try to defend my eyes against the adamant sands, but with little success. I blink, and blink, and then shut my eyes for a few seconds till the sands stop piercing me.

While my mind is figuring out techniques to stand against the roaring winds, my body is cold, my fingers are freezing, and I struggle to stand immobile. Goosebumps well up on every inch of me.

My heart interfers and suggests two words- ‘LET GO’.

I got the hint. And after relentlessly struggling to beat the winds and its partners in the conspiracy, I give up. I stop holding my scarf, and I let my kurta flow in the tunes of the wind. My feet are no longer obliged to hold firm to the ground, I can feel the strong winds shaking me too. And alas, I take off my brave soldiers- my specs, and hold them against the dark sky that hints on pouring anytime soon.

I feel the wind , the wind feels me.
Now, we are one.

– @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram

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