Where The Meow Is Humanity?!

So it was one long day, and I was returning home. I got down the bus, and as I stepped forward, I saw Devil waiting. Those eyes gazing at me nonstop, and those feet slowly starting to walk towards me.

Devil, my little kitten. He had come wandering to me on a harsh December night, and found home in my affection. I fell for him at first sight. And since then, he became one of the members of my ‘catdom’. Every day, he comes to drop me till the bus stop in the morning at 6:20A.M and waits at the bus stop at 5:00P.M when I return.

My Devil


So this one fine day, it was like a routine for me to see him waiting. And just like every day, I still found that gesture very cute. My heart immediately melted and for those few seconds I completely forgot what a rough day it’d been. As I walked closer, it came next to me and then we both proceeded towards home.

this one boy and his mother (or guardian) came strolling from the opposite direction and the boy, on coming closer, scared my Devil away. I was stunned for a minute and I turned behind to see where it ran. Much to my utmost dismay, I saw this boy driving my little kitten off all the way till the main road, making loud noise and faces at the kitten. He also was throwing sand.
I turned back to the mother/guardian to ask her to stop this boy, instead of just standing as a mere spectator.
But I saw her walking ahead and calling the boy to come faster. They crossed the road laughing and disappeared in the other lane..
I immediately threw my bag and keys in my room and rushed to the road to get the kitten back. My poor Devil was startled and on seeing me, he came running to me and started meowing, as if to ask, “Why did this boy do that to me? I did not even harm him.”
I fed him a little, and comforted him by gently caressing over its head. I just cannot say how hard it pinched to witness this kind of behaviour against my little Devil. Infact, it is ridiculous to display such behaviour against any other creature, let alone a poor kitten for that matter.
As much as the boy’s behaviour agitated me, I was disgusted by the ignorance shown by the mother/guardian.. she easily walked off as if nothing ever happened!

Is this the value we are instilling in our children ?

Is this the ‘humanity’ we brag about ?

Is this the kind of culture we want in our society ?

And is this the kind of person we really choose to be ?

If yes, then hell with humanity. And hell with humans. I am done with this hopeless world.

-Shereen A. Mir ( @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram)


7 thoughts on “Where The Meow Is Humanity?!

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  1. Well if you look at the positive side, in the primitive times people used to eat cats, I mean for they had no other food!!! At least now they are just hushing it!!! So we are progressing right?


      1. Well they cook it properly so they aren’t that primitive……
        Okay, well!!
        That’s very bad of that boy!!!! Parents should teach being sensitive if not being responsible……
        Quite agree with you!!!


      2. It’s alright. You can let it be.. Aisa namesake agreement. 🙂
        Maybe you or some others who may disagree with my post will not feel the exact emotions that I felt, when I saw my kitten being driven away like that.. justtt like that. And that’s because you did not witness your own pet being treated that way for no reason. Or perhaps because it may be a very casual thing for you. Or then because you feel differently.
        It’s ok anyway.

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      3. You know I had a pet, a dog called Trigonometry…… I loved him, right?? He was like there for 14 years, and one day he fell ill and died, and I wasn’t there with him. I was in a far city, I didn’t see him dying I didn’t see him dead.

        I know very well, what you must have felt, but it’s just a habit of trying to bring humor in everything, that spoils everything…….
        I agreed the very first time read it…… But you know that shagginess comes out evey now and then


  2. People are heartless and dead. Some do mean things for fun and some unintentionally… You can’t change everyone.. I have been there… You can always change how the behavior of others affect you…. There are humanitarians out there too… 🙂 You are not alone in this…

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