Depression : Retaliation

I am writing on WordPress after a long time. What prompted me is not the fact that I was missing it (sorry) but the fact that I have no one to hear me out.

They say, depression is a state of mind and we all should contribute in helping the person out. But in real, how many actually do it? For the few handful who try to, I see they too are not constant with their effort. After a while, they themselves become a source of stress unintentionally, because they lose their patience on certain occasions and it all comes straight out on the person who needed their help.

The below pictures are somewhat similar to what’s in my mind since some time, and so I am sharing them here (ofcourse, with minimal expectations of any reaction). I have no one to talk to, no one to lend me a listening ear or helping hand. All the people I trust are either occupied with their own stuff, or don’t seem to care, or have lost their temper on me, making me feel further isolated (much to my fears). 

Not all victims are lucky to get the kind of support they need.

So here’s me.. trying to be strong on my own. It is really hell difficult. But trying. God willing, I will be through it.


18 thoughts on “Depression : Retaliation

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  1. Oh this is so sad! And echoes mine…I know the feeling…same which made me quit everything…and it still continues…no one helps or is thr to talk. You yourself are your best doctor. Stay strong! So worrying!


  2. It’s difficult and honestly there’s nothing I can say because I don’t know what people should say to me about this. But I’m glad you’re back writing on WP!


  3. This from you!! It scared me!!!
    Okay well, there’s a lot of things you will hear about it. Do it do that blah blah blah……
    Hey, its just life……. Savour this moment, this moment of pain, this moment of whatever it is……
    Every emotion has a purpose, right??
    And the moment you think you are alone, remember there’s someone addicted to your blog, who waits for your next write-up……..
    Remember I told you, yours is my fav blog…….. ❤
    There’s no mantra to happiness, right?
    It just happens……… Right??
    And here’s a few lines hope it makes you feel good……..
    दिल नाउम्मीद तो नहीं नाकाम ही तो है
    बड़ी लंबी है ग़म की शाम मगर शाम ही तो है।
    My mail id is still the same, in case you ever need me……

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    1. Woaah thank you so much for this, Shaggy! =’)
      And I really like those lines by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, thanks for those too. Hehe very subtly lifts me up.
      Really very, very kind of you to stop by and spare some time for my rant. Gosh, I feel equally overwhelmed and embarrassed for this post, I would have deleted it but the kind of support I just saw flowing in, it’s great!
      Once again, thanks a lot.
      I will try to give you more of my poetry than rants here on my WordPress..hehe

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      1. You thank so much!!! Arre we don’t need so much of formalities Sheen!!!
        It’s alright….. I am sure, you would’ve done the same, for me, or for anyone else!!
        Dont delete it and don’t be embarrassed, feel proud that you’ve got so many well wishers……….

        You as in Shaggy or you as in the general population of wordpress…….
        Writing poem for me would be so romantic Sheen…..😂😝😋 You definitely should give it a try……


  4. Actually I checked out your blog in the morning to see where’s this birthday girl gone. I’m happy you’re back. It happens sometimes when you’ll feel like everyone has left you but it’s not true. I’m so sure you’ve got so many lovely people around you. Enjoy the lonely time now and come out of the depression asap. Take care.

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    1. Thank you for the support, it’s huge! =)
      Yes, I did my take time off, and here I am back again. Hehe
      I won’t say I am out of depression as a whole, because it is something that is present inside the person at all times; just on some days it shows up and on other days it remains passive inside.
      But either way, I am hopeful that some day I will overcome it for good. =)

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  5. You know what! sometimes I also feel the same. I would try not to be crazy myself and what works for me is Quran. It’s always has been. I will read or listen to the Quran for some long and Will sit on the terrace for a long time thinking what makes me happy. That’s a relief !.


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