Syria – How Much More?

Syria: Less of residence and more of a warzone.

I fail to understand, who is the Al Assad regime scared of, in this country of ruins?

Is it the men, who have lost their capacity to bear more family deaths?
Or is it the women, who have survived seeing the impaired corpses of their children as young as 6 months old?
Or then, is it the children, who have witnessed the grim wreckage right since they opened their eyes?

Who is a threat there?

And what a coward regime that is… One, that imposes its superiority over helpless women and children, attempting all possible disgusting atrocities against the civilians!

What is the international community doing?

Where are the watchdogs of peace?

Are we still just relying on ‘dialogue’?

Does it really look like these filthy people (understatement, I know) are even worthy of dialogue?

The emotions that I am writing these questions with, I wish I could express.

I have uploaded a picture on my InstaStory. When I saw that picture this morning in the newspaper, the impact was so hardfelt that my eyes welled up in less than a minute. I had no words, literally no words. I was just gaping at the newspaper for a while, with a solid pinch inside my chest.

Tell me how do I convey it?
I speak, I yell, I assert, I force, I cry, I request, I plead…

World, I Am Giving Up On You.

– Shereen A. Mir ( @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram )


5 thoughts on “Syria – How Much More?

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  1. International community always looks at its own interests. In history, Serbian war, Rwanda genocide are perfect examples of international community looking other way till moral police/ press starts putting pressure via public appeal. That’s how they work, these deaths go in vain, that’s saddest part of all.


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